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In 2021, No Show Jobs

conducted an independent survey and found that...

  • One out of four scheduled interviews have resulted with interviewee "NoShows".
  • One out of 8 new employees for an entry level or service related job were "NoShows" within the first two weeks of employment.
  • A "NoShow" job interviewee wastes an average of over 45 minutes of employer time.


Nine of 10 "NoShows" ARE repeat offenders.

Businesses in the US Spend $247 Billion on recruiting




If you are not a business, but believe in our pursuit, you can contribute to our marketing fund here to help spread our goal to make our world more responsible and accountable.



NoShow Jobs does not dicriminate against ANY age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, national orgin, color, disability, race, or religion.  These metrics are not captured by NoShow Jobs.  The data kept by NoShow Jobs is only shared to its membership community.  NoShow Jobs performs due diligence processes so that only true businesses may add data.  NoShow Jobs is not responsible for invalid data as it is merely a portal of information maintained by its members.

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Noshowjobs provides accountability by allowing business to submit their candidates that don’t show up for their interviews or work. You can set up an account for free as the business owner or HR manager and submit candidates. You also can check names against the data base to see if your candidates have not shown up for previous scheduled interview or jobs.

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